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                 Statistical  Yearbook  is  a  publication  which  is  compiled  and
           published  annually  by  Hoa  Binh  Statistics  Office.  Its  contents
           comprise basic statistics reflecting briefly the socio-economic status
           of  the  province  in  order  to  meet  the  requirements  of  study  and

           research  of  the  leaders  and  officials  in  the  authority  levels  and
           economic sector inside and outside the province.

                 The  book  “Hoa  Binh  Statistical  Yearbook  2021”  consists  of
           data for 5 consecutive years (2017-2021). The data of indicators in
           the  years  2017-2020  are  updated  and  adjusted  on  the  basis  of  the

           results  of  compilation  of  gross  regional  domestic  products  (GRDP)
           conducted by the General Statistics Office in line with Decision No
           715/QĐ-TTg dated 22 May 2015 by the Prime Minister on approving
           the Project “The renovation of GRDP compilation process” and the

           results of other official surveys.

               In the process of compilation, although we made a lot of efforts,
          it is impossible to avoid errors. We would like to receive the comments
          and  feedbacks  from  institutes,  organizations  and  individuals  to
          improve  the  quality  of  the  coming  compilations.  Please  feel  free  to

          contact  us  via  Integrated  Statistics  Division,  Hoa  Binh  Statistics
          Office (No 166, Thinh Lang Street, Tan Thinh ward, Hoa Binh town,
          Hoa Binh or telephone number: 02183.881.164).

               Statistical professional symbols are noticeable:

               + No arisen socio-economic phenomenon (-).
               +  Arisen  socio-economic  phenomenon  but  no  information
          collected yet (...).

                                            HOA BINH STATISTICS OFFICE

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